Ammar Syed is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. His practice
investigates the ‘Banal’ and the ‘Everyday’ and focuses on everyday
scenarios and objects on the street. How different scenarios and ordinary
objects through defamiliarization can possess a different narrative when
placed in a different context. He likes to explore the areas of photography,
drawing and design in his work. His work is hugely inspired and influenced
by Islamic Geometric Patterns, Persian miniature paintings of the Mughal
era and contemporary impressionism.

Ammar was awarded the ‘Photoworks Prize’ in November 2013 by the
Photoworks Organization, UK, for his series of work ‘Observational
Paradox’. In July 2014 he received a post-graduate degree in Photography
from The University of the Arts London, London College of Communication.

In September 2014 he was selected for the ‘Pingyao Festival of Photography’
China’s biggest Photography festival. In October 2014 he was selected for the
‘Photomasters’ exhibition in London and later for the Barcelona International
Art Fair in December 2014 and Oxford International Art Fair in February 2015.
In March 2015 he was chosen one of the winners for the ‘Brookfield Commission.’

In May 2015 his self published book titled ‘Islamic Patterns London’ was selected for ‘Offprint London at the Tate Modern Museum. Ammar has recently been selected for the Middle East Art Collector Book 2018. And was also featured by Leica UK for his Everyday London series. 

He has worked closely with companies and institutions such as The John
Martin Gallery, Christopher Farr Studio, The Condenast Publications, Studio
Reed, Collett Zarzycki, The Courtauld Gallery, The World of Interiors, Hali
Magazine, Elle Decoration and also with the Josep and Anni Albers
Foundation. He has also worked closely with artists and designers such
as Christopher Farr, Kate Blee, Cressida Bell, Timorous Beasties, Ptolemy
Mann, Michael Sodeau, Gunta Stölzl and Louise Bourgeois. Ammar lives
and works in London.